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Ergonomic Homeoffice-SetsWhat is an ergonomic home office set?

The word says it all, it is a set of various ergonomic means, with which you can work actively at home. An ergonomic home office set can consist of various parts: think of an ergonomic mouse in combination with an ergonomic keyboard and a laptop stand. However, an ergonomic desk and an office chair can also be part of this home office-set. It depends on your wishes and needs. In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, do you also work from home, and do you want to prevent RSI-related complaints due to intensive and long working from home? Then contact us. We will inform you extensively about all the possibilities. We offer various combinations of ergonomic products, which we can offer with hefty discounts.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic home office set?

An ergonomic home office set has the following advantages for you:
  •   As indicated above, it is useful to order an ergonomic home office set in one go and not all individual parts at different times separately. You benefit from high discounts.
  • Ultimately, the most important advantage is the prevention of RSI complaints. For example, if you want to use a laptop at home and you combine the use of a laptop holder with an ergonomic keyboard, you can keep your eyes at the correct height and prevent neck complaints.
  • An ergonomic home office-set prevents loss of productivity. Did you know that a wrong work posture results in a 17% loss of productivity? Your employer will also attach great importance to preventing loss of productivity. You can discuss with your employer whether the employer offers you an ergonomic home work set. You can refer your employer to us for professional and expert advice.

Why is an ergonomic mouse part of the Ergo2Work home work set?
Office and home workers work with the mouse more than half of the time. That equates to no less than 700 minutes per week. For this reason, an ergonomic mouse is an essential and necessary part for a healthy and comfortable workplace. With a standard mouse it is the case that with intensive and prolonged use the hand lies too flat on the mouse. This causes pain in the hand, wrist and / or arm. An ergonomic mouse is different in that the design is different and that it takes the vertical position of the hand into account. We distinguish five different types of home working sets. An ergonomic mouse has been added to all these sets. Choosing the right ergonomic mouse can sometimes be difficult, but we have already selected a popular ergonomic mouse for you among the different sets. For all the different ergonomic mice, the following general advice applies in any case:
  •     Always place the ergonomic mouse close to your body.
  •     Try to hold the mouse loosely.
  •     When using the mouse, try to rest your fingers on the mouse buttons as relaxed as possible.

Would you like more information?
In the menu on the left you can scroll and find all information about all our home office sets and the various ergonomic mice that we offer. Would you like personal advice from our ergonomics specialists? Please contact us.
Home office set Compact
Special offer
Home office set Compact
106,50 excl. VAT 106,50 incl. VAT190.0441 in stock
Complete set with over 15% discount! This ergonomic set consists of a standard black cricket laptop / tablet stand, an Ergo Compact keyboard and an aluminum Grip mouse.

Are you forced to work from home due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), but do not have the necessary equipment? With this ergonomic starter set for working at home, you can start working ergonomically right away and prevent shoulder problems.
Home office set wireless USB
Special offer
Home office set wireless USB
186,50 excl. VAT 174,50 excl. VAT 174,50 incl. VAT190.0561 in stock
Complete wireless set with more than 15% discount! This Wireless USB Home Work Set consists of a Premium wireless compact keyboard, a Newtral 3 wireless mouse and a Cricket laptop stand. With this set you get a complete wireless set for home and on the road. The products are suitable for a compact permanent home workplace when using a laptop, but can also be placed in your laptop bag when you have an appointment on location.