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Mini KeyboardsMini keyboard are small, portable keyboards that can be perfectly used in conjunction with a laptop. The smaller distance from the mouse to the keyboard helps reduce RSI. These keyboards are available in several colours and designs.
Ewent Bluetooth mini keyboardEwent Bluetooth mini keyboard
41,00 excl. VAT 41,00 incl. VAT200.1744 in stock
The Ewent keyboard is an ideal solution for users who frequently work with a tablet. This compact keyboard connects via Bluetooth v3.0 with an Android or iOS tablet or phone.
Ergo Compact keyboard USErgo Compact keyboard US
57,50 excl. VAT 57,50 incl. VAT200.142Not in stock
This mini keyboard is very thin and has light touch keys, which ensures a flat posture of the wrists and reduced muscle tension.
R-Go Compact Break keyboard (US)R-Go Compact Break keyboard (US)
65,00 excl. VAT 65,00 incl. VAT200.192
The R-Go Compact Break keyboard has a unique break indicator that helps you to work in line with health recommendations. The compact design with light keystroke ensures that your arms stay within the shoulder line while using the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is very flat and has a light keystroke so that hands and wrists are used in a relaxed position, which promotes better blood circulation in the hands.
S-board 840 Design USS-board 840 Design US
71,99 excl. VAT 71,99 incl. VAT200.0392 in stock
Compact keyboard with full sized laptop keys, 2 USB Ports and handy hotkeys.
 UltraBoard 950 Wireless Bluetooth US UltraBoard 950 Wireless Bluetooth US
90,99 excl. VAT 90,99 incl. VAT200.186Not in stock
The UltraBoard 950 Wireless is the latest compact bluetooth keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen. By using a compact keyboard, the reach distance to the mouse is reduced, reducing the load on the forearms.
Premium Wireless compact keyboardPremium Wireless compact keyboard
93,50 excl. VAT 93,50 incl. VAT200.1845+ in stock
The Premium Wireless compact keyboard is an ultra-thin wireless keyboard. Because the Premium Wireless compact keyboard is both wireless and very light, it's very portable. This keyboard is therefore a must for flexible workstations.
S-board Set USS-board Set US
124,00 excl. VAT 124,00 incl. VAT190.0132 in stock
Compact keyboard with full sized laptop keys, 2 USB ports and a separate numpad.
Q-board Ivory Combo USQ-board Ivory Combo US
66,50 excl. VAT 66,50 incl. VAT200.009Not in stock
Same height as a standard keyboard. Colour Ivory.
ErgoSlide Compact keyboardErgoSlide Compact keyboard
115,00 excl. VAT 115,00 incl. VAT200.1362 in stock
The ErgoSlide Compact keyboard is a unique mini keyboard which has a numeric keypad that slides in and out of the right hand side. So when you're not using the numeric keypad, you can simply slide it into the main keyboard and you're then using a compact keyboard.
CHERRY G84-5200 Compact Keyboard Black USCHERRY G84-5200 Compact Keyboard Black US
107,00 excl. VAT 107,00 incl. VAT200.6461 in stock
Combines a compact design with an integrated numerical part. The compact size reduces the reaching distance to the mouse, allowing you to work more in one line within your bodies width. The keys are equipped with CHERRY ML technology, so that they do not wear out quickly and can withstand up to 20 million keystrokes per key.
S-board Num PadS-board Num Pad
67,99 excl. VAT 67,99 incl. VAT200.0402 in stock
Beautiful Num pad with matching design goes perfectly with the S-Board 840 keyboard, including a calculator function.
Mini keyboard with grip mouse and desk grommet
Special offer
Mini keyboard with grip mouse and desk grommet
75,00 excl. VAT 75,00 incl. VAT200.6491 in stock
SUPER OFFER! The high rated vertical grip mouse combined with an attractive aluminium designer keyboard and desk grommet. NOW, 30% off!
Mousetrapper AlphaMousetrapper Alpha
346,00 excl. VAT 346,00 incl. VAT300.4205+ in stock
The Mousetrapper Alpha is the world's first centered ergonomic mouse with integrated keyboard. The Alpha has 19 programmable buttons making it the most dynamic mousetrapper to date.