End-of-year special offer 2019: Get a 25% discount from the 2nd desk frame!
Also this year we would like to offer you our special End-of-year offer: By ordering two or more height-adjustable desk frames, you get 25% discount on each desk frame other than the first. If you wish to take advantage of this great special offer, then use coupon number: XAB5C
More information about this special offer here.
The ErgoDesk APP II is a high-quality, height-adjustable table frame. With the specially designed app, it's easy to customize the frame to your individual preferences and ideal to encourage movement while working. With this ergonomic desk, you can switch between sitting and standing, significantly reducing the risk of RSI discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders. The ErgoDesk APP II seating / standing desk is made of sturdy steel, equipped with 2 motors and produces a minimal noise level. We offer on this table, unlike almost all other tables, a guarantee of at least 5 years.

ErgoDesk App
The height adjustable desk app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. This app offers many options; Among other things, you can adjust the height, use memory functions and view statistics. The app is available in seven different languages. The table can also be adjusted with the usual control element on the table edge.

Please note: this is just the base. The table top must be ordered separately. Ergo2Work also offers a large selection of table tops in different colors and sizes.
Unique by using an app to configure specific Height (no additional memory master needed)
Electrically height adjustable
Height: 62 - 127 cm
Suitable for persons with a length of up to approx. 200 cm
Width adjustable: 110 - 160 cm
Depth of the feet: 68 cm
Deep leaf carrier: 60 cm
Number of motors: 2
Max dynamic load: 120 kg
Max static load: 160 kg
Speed: 30 mm / s
Sound level: <30 db (a)
Material: steel
Color: silver gray
Equipped with impact protection
Overload Protection: 2 minutes use / 18 minutes rest
Segments: 3
Adjustable feet
Weight: 40 KG
Warranty: 5 years