The 3-button vibration clock is easy to use and displays the time through inaudible and discrete vibrations.

The clock is dark blue and curved to lie in the hand. It will have to be held since it does not have a wrist band. It has 3 little silver buttons that vibrate a specific amount of time depending on what time it is.

The clock has 3 buttons
- The top button for hours
- The middle button for ten minutes
- The last button for minutes.
time display
- A short vibration indicates 1 unit and a long vibration 5 units. The clock runs in a 12 hour time frame so 13:00 is just a vibration instead of 13.
- For the button with the ten-minute cycle there are 0-5 vibrations and for the button for minutes there are 0-9 vibrations.
- 3 short vibrations indicate 3 hours or 30 minutes or 3 minutes, depending on the button pressed. 1 long vibration will indicate 5 hours or 50 minutes or 5 minutes, depending on the button pressed.
- The buttons can be pressed in any order.
For example: You can check the minutes and then the hours.
Set time
- Press and hold the key of the unit to be changed (hours, tens,
Minutes) then there will be a long vibration followed by a short vibration. Release the key when the desired number (vibrations) has been felt.
- To set the time to 09:00, press the upper button (hours) and then
hold down until the long vibration is followed by a 9 short vibrations. If you felt the 9 vibration, release the button.
The watch is waterproof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The watch should not be put in water.