Lounge2Work Wood is a Universal laptop table (stand) which makes working with your laptop more comfortable. Whether you’re sitting in your favourite chair, lying stretched out on the couch or when lying in bed.

The Lounge2Work Wood respects the environment by making use of cultivated beech wood, emission-free coating and Corrugated recycled carton for the box.

Lounge2Work Wood has small ‘feet’ (3cm) which means you can practically place the Lounge2Work Wood anywhere. The Lounge2Work Wood also has a small table top on which you can place for example your phone, mouse or coffee.

The Lounge2Work Wood is available in 2 different versions: with and without "sail".

Due to the different colors you can adapt the Lounge2Work Wood to the style of your interior. Lounge2Work Wood is available in the following colors: Natural, Dark (Wenge), Hot (Cherry), and Classic (Walnut). This is the Wood Natural edition.

Lounge2Work Wood is produced using the following 100% recyclable materials:
  • Cultivated beech wood, solid and layered
  • Chromated iron (pipes and knobs)
  • Junction in ABS (Acrilonitril, Butadiene, Stirolo)
  • Corrugated recycled carton for the box
  • Water Varnish
  • Laptop tray 41 x 30 cm (17 inch)
  • Can be rotated 360°
  • Can be tilted 0-35°
  • Mouse pad 18x 21 cm
  • Adjustable in height from 20 to 90 cm (height of the arm that supports the laptop tray)
  • Span: 30 cm (e.g. while laying in bed)
  • Feet length: 47 cm
  • Thickness foot: 27 mm