Lounge2Work is a Universal laptop table (stand) designed in such a way that you can use your laptop in the most relaxed and ergonomic way possible. Whether you’re sitting in your favourite chair, lying stretched out on the couch or when lying in bed. With the Lounge2Work Crystel Grey you will always find the right working height.

The suspended structure allows you to locate Lounge2Work at the right height. This way, you will avoid putting weight on your body. At the same time you are able to reach the keyboard with your fingers by leaning on your elbows, guaranteeing a natural position for your arms and head.

The part on which you place your laptop/notebook has aeration holes. The aeration holes and the ability to incline the support tray will allow you to find the perfect position for your Notebook, with efficient ventilation system to help cool down your laptop/notebook. The Lounge2Work has small feet (3cm) which means you can practically place the Lounge2Work anywhere. The Lounge2Work also has a small tabletop on which you can place your phone or mouse.

The Lounge2Work can be adjusted and locked on any desired viewing height thanks to the turning wheel lock.

Available in different colours, this is the grey edition.
  • Height: 570 - 750 mm
  • Width: 470 mm
  • Height of foot: 14mm
  • Gray metal structure
  • Grey plastic supports
  • Plastic knobs