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The R-go Compact Break keyboard with unique break indicator helps you get through your working day healthy. The compact design with a light keystroke ensures that your arms stay within the shoulder line while using the keyboard and mouse. The very light keystroke reduces muscle tension while typing. The keyboard is extremely flat so that hands and wrists are used in a relaxed position, which promotes better blood circulation in the hands.

This compact keyboard is equipped with a pause indicator. Both the keyboard and the numerical part to be ordered indicate with an LED color signal when it is time to take a break. You need to install the free software for this. While typing, the logo changes color similar to a traffic light. When the light is green, it means you can type healthy. With the color orange, the keyboard indicates that it is time for a short break of +/- 30 seconds. A red illuminated logo indicates that you have worked too long. By using the indicated short breaks, the ability to concentrate is increased and you prevent overload. For example, the R-go Compact Break keyboard helps you get through the working day fit and complaint-free!

This mini keyboard can be expanded with a R-Go Break Numeric Keypad and a to complete the total set. In addition, we offer the combination . There is also a R-Go Break HE Mouse available. The numeric keypad can be connected both left and right. A converter is included to connect the keyboard to products with a micro-usb (USB A) connection. This also makes the keyboard extremely suitable for use in flexible workplaces. If you want to use the complete 'break system', we can also supply the license for the so-called 'Fit Coach' and 'Sit/Stand Coach' on request.
  • Colour black
  • Type: wired
  • Height: 9mm
  • Width: 285mm
  • Depth: 139mm
  • Weight: 310 gr
  • Corresponding numerical part optionally available
  • Hygienic cover optionally available
  • Layout: US QWERTY. (Also available in QWERTZ DE, QWERTY UK or, DN, and AZERTY FR or BE layout)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • USB connection (plug & play, converter to USB-A included)
  • Suitable for: all USB supporting systems
  • Cable length: 1,5m
  • Warranty: 2 years

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