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The concept of the ergonomic mouse by Hippus is to prevent excessive gripping and pinching. Contrary to conventional computer mice you don't have to continuously lift (hover) the fingers, to prevent accidental switching.This computer mouse, developed by Erasmus MC (Erasmus University Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) prevents and/or reduces the above mentioned complaints to a minimum. Fundamental as well as field research have shown the positive effects of working with this special computer mouse.

The Hippus HandShoeMouse fits like a glove, the mouse prevents the hand muscles from being strained. Instead of using your hand and wrist, your can use your arm to slide the optical HandShoeMouse effortlessly across the table.The Hippus combines design with user friendly functions.

This Wireless Hippus is for left-handed.

Instructions for start-up of wireless HandShoe Mouse
  • Colour: black
  • Material: synthetic plastic
  • Weight: 250 gr
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Width: 135 mm
  • Depth: 185 mm
  • Connection: wireless USB-receiver
  • Size: large
  • Supported systems: Windows 95 and higher, Mac OS 9 and OS X, Unix
  • Warranty: 2,5 years